Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yesterday = one of the longest days ever

12 = 6 + 6

4 = 3 + 1

Yesterday = one of the longest days ever

Ends up that I really did know that I knew I wasn't attaching my bike on the bike rack (on top of my car) correctly.  Should have trusted my gut on that one.  

Ends up that I really should have taken my son to the doctor on Friday when I thought something might have been amiss on Thursday.  Should have trusted my gut on that one.

Ends up that the roof of a Saturn doesn't bounce back like they show on the commercials (to be fair, the commercials have never featured a bike falling over from a standing position... repeatedly).

Ends up that my kid is a TROOPER at the ER.  All he needed was his fire engine book, his Thomas book, some apple juice (not organic, with tons of added sugar), and some crayons to keep him entertained for almost three full hours.

Ends up that people make some awful faces when your bike falls over on top of your car.  In intersections.  In neighborhoods.  When pulling out of the grocery store parking lot.

Ends up that antibiotics can cost 520 bucks, with insurance.  Ends up that if a tired, tired mama walks to the corner of the pharmacy after hearing the news, wondering what in the hell to do, a pharmacist can take pitty.

Ends up that even if none of your friends are around to help get the bike on the damn rack correctly, a stranger can be a true life saver.  Additionally, ends up that I am going to give in to the cell phone craze and get me one of those.

Ends up that the $520 script could be substituted for a $10 one.

Ends up that my kid can charm the ladies with his eyelashes.  Repeatedly.  In parking lots.  In his car seat.  In the grocery cart.  In the bread aisle.  In the canned goods aisle.  And right next to a jar of jalapenos.

Ends up that even after the longest day ever, birthday cake made for my tesoro can fix just about anything.  Well, that and some long lasting hugs (but I don't have a picture of those).