Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking up

Things have truly began looking up here.  Much, much up.  All the drama from the past few weeks has finally begun to settle down, I'm approaching the final weeks of my current class, my students have become rock stars in all subject areas, and my kid.  Ahh, my kid.

While in the midst of figuring out the age of two, he has begun to settle into me a bit more.  He leans in to my kisses on his neck, his forehead, his cheeks.  He gives me directions on how to blow bubbles in the tub.  He runs up to me when  I pick him up at the end of the school day.  He applauds when I dance and just yesterday corrected me when I was singing a song I have sung to him since our very beginnings; what got me was that he recognized the difference and asked with a "Mama please!" that I sing it the right way- the way with our names in it.

Have I mentioned that Leone has taken to sitting next to me?  Maybe not on my lap, perhaps not with his head leaning against my body- but he's right there... his hips stuck to mine.  Makes me melt.

Trying to figure out a new toy... together!