Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the beginning

It's been a love/hate relationship for a while now.  The old blog's been holding me back.  It's making me mad.  It's taking energy I would rather not spend.  I write stuff on there and don't get feedback from family.  From close friends.  You know- the people I would sort of expect to hear from.

Drives me insane.  Makes me not want to share.  Makes me want to throw the computer.  Makes me want to stick my tongue out and scream "na, nee, na, nee, boo, boo!"  Makes me look at them in a strange fashion when we encounter each other, wondering what in the hell they might be thinking about me.  About what I said.

Do they think I'm crazy?  Do they agree with me?  Do they think I'm an idiot?


This morning.

I decided what the heck- start over again.  Make a new blog.  Use pretend names.  Don't make some kind of big announcement on the old blog.  Send the address to some folks you trust to start things out.

See where it goes from there.

Yep.  Here we go.  Again.

Workshop for Beginners.

I have yet to figure out the names for my family.  I have yet to pick a new template.  All I knew was, it was time.  Today was the day.

Today is the day.

A new beginning for a beginner.