Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two days ago

Once upon a time I used to post something every other day if not every day.  I would comment, I would read, I would write, I would dream. 

I have not given up hope that I will be there once again.  It may not be soonish, but it will be there.  One day.

Speaking of the future.  Or rather, speaking of my thoughts regarding the future...

Two days ago I meant to write something on this blog, something just so I would remember the day.  It was one of those thoughts so serious that due to the intensity you swear that this is a moment you will look back on years from now and say- yep.  It makes sense that I thought that particular thought on that particular day.  Perfectly perfect sense.

So now.  I write it.

Two days ago I felt my heart settle just a wee bit somewhere new.  Somewhere I had never thought it would settle. 

Two days ago.  May 16, 2011.