Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiting for the camera

It's week, what, three? of summer vacation. And as luck would have it, the camera officially bonked. As in, it's no longer working. For real, no kidding, no jokes about it, bonked. The good news? We just ordered a new one yesterday. Point being, pictures should be coming again soon.

In the meantime, you should know that Leone is awesome and has healed completely from the trauma of falling into the river. So much so that yesterday, as we were throwing the 1,659th rock into the river across the street, I was informed to change locations. Apparently, according to the gal who owns the local bed and breakfast, the chances are incredibly high that Leone and I are bound to build a dam. In turn, we will be responsible if the entire town goes under.

Because my boy and I are determined to stand up to The Man, we made it to a neighboring "city" this very morning and purchased a wee little inflatable swimming pool. My hope is that Leone will enjoy causing a ruckus to the point that we will be told by our neighbor that the pool has to go away because the chances are incredibly high that if the ruckus continues, all the wildlife will flee the area. In turn, we will be responsible for ruining the charm of a little mountain village and the creatures that inhabit it.

Wish us luck.

Sidenote one:

I got an oven thermometer this morning and ordered Baking with Julia last night.  I'm also anxiously awaiting this series to come my direction care of our local library.  Oh yes, things are about to get crazy in these here parts, what with the pool, the rocks, and Julia.

Sidenote two:

Speaking of ordering books a few sentences back... have you ever ordered books off this site?  It's super awesome and you can get incredible deals.