Saturday, April 9, 2011

11 children killed in Brazil

When Leone and I got home last night, we stuffed some cheese in our mouths and headed outside for a quick bike ride to the General Store so I could pick up a paper.  There's been a lot of drama going on within the school district I work for, so the more information that can be gained, the better. 

After riding the bike for a bit, running for a bit, and then be carried for a bit (that would be Leone, not me), we eventually made it to our end destination.  No local papers were available (of course), but the big state one was right there.  And as I peered through the glass to read headlines, this one caught my attention:  Man went on shooting spree in elementary school, Brazil. 

As I skimmed, all I could mutter was "What? What?  Whhhaaat?" 

Details were limited, but I found some this morning.  11 elementary school children.  Shot and killed.  In the head. Point-blank range.  The coward fired off at least 30 rounds.  In an elementary school.  Before killing himself.

Elementary school.  That's first grade through eighth.

If this wasn't a public blog, there would be more than a few choice words being used right now.

Beyond devastation.  For those children.  For those parents.  For that community.  For our humanity.