Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wake up to your pain

It's funny (but not so much in the ha-ha! manner) how from time to time, things really mesh together. They just, you know, make sense.  Perhaps it you weren't looking, the connection wouldn't be made- but when you are?  When your eyes are wide open?  Heck yes.

Today a friend described an analogy:
A little girl, walking up to her mother time and time again with a handful of dandelions... sure that this time, this time her mom will accept them.  The truth of the matter is, all her mother can see are the weeds.  Not the beauty, not the effort, not the gift... just the weeds.
Today, as I glanced through a book, I found these words:
 Wake up to your pain and investigate it.
That's right.

We're about to have some good times over here.  Real good times.