Sunday, April 17, 2011

The saddest of sounds

We were lucky enough to head off to a local ranch down the road this morning- rumor had it there was a brand new natural hot springs pool in the final throes of completion, some horses, some chickens, a donkey, a llama, and 17 lambs new to the world as of this past week.

Leone was so damn excited- all he could say was "baby animals" over and over and over again.  Made my mama heart blossom and grow.

On our way to the outside pen full of lambs we were immediately drawn to this long, high-pitched sound coming from a small barn- a sound of such agony that it made your soul hurt.  As we approached, our friends (the ones who run the ranch) told us that one of the sheep was refusing its baby.  That sound- that sad, sad sound- were the cries of that very lamb. 

Hungry.  Afraid.  Alone.

We peeked over the side of the barn and watched.  There was the mama, standing in a corner- just staring at the wee one as though she had no idea why the two of them were stuck in the same space.  And in the middle... falling, stumbling, crying... was the lamb.

It got me in the gut.

As I listened to the ranchers explain that the chances for the lamb's survival were minimal at best if they couldn't get the colostrum from the sheep into the baby, all I could do was blink back the tears while holding my own little one a bit closer... trying my hardest to not let the sounds of grief and confusion drown out everything else.