Saturday, April 23, 2011

Succulent Wild Woman

I was recently reminded of my desire to be an succulent wild woman. 

That's right.  A succulent wild woman.  Me.

According to Sark, a succulent wild woman is:
A woman of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life. 
If, like me, you are not yet there, then you must pay heed to the advice:
Stand firm and whole as a woman.  You are precious and irreplaceable.  Treasure your female self.  Choose innocence.  Invent ways to feel more free.  Investigate your darkness.
I have a friend at work (also happens to be a dear friend outside of work) who I am sure is well on her way of achieving succulent wild woman status if she's not yet already there.  Case in point:  she got these crazy wild new shoes.  They actually outline each of your toes.  Never before have I seen shoes like these.  Sure, I've seen the socks.  But the shoes?  Never.  Random point being, these are shoes that are bound to catch attention.  And sure enough, she's gotten it.  Not all good, by the way.  But this friend of mine?  She loves these shoes.  So much so that she could give two shits what the person next to her is thinking.  She laughs when she walks, she giggles when the kids stare, and she throws handfuls of glitter wherever she happens to be (well, maybe not so much the glitter bit).

I love that friend.

Sark says:
Choosing succulence is a deliberate act of personal revolution.  It means waking up!  Embracing your true self, studying your patterns, and letting out your most alive self... We deserve wildness.  Wildness can be as simple as wearing tall boots when none of your friends do, or talking to gorgeous strangers, or visiting expensive hotels for just a cup of tea... Being tame is what we're taught... No matter how dry and tame and nice we live, we will die.  We will also suffer along the way.  Living wild is its own reward... Live a wild, vulnerable life.  Let us see you, laughing loudly, walking flamboyantly, and wearing colors that don't match!
Because I'm all about paying heed to advice lately, I took her words to heart.  And for the first time in well over (maybe?) two years, I put a scarf on my head before I walked out the door for the day.  A beautiful, bright, long scarf.  And I said to myself, this is your deliberate act of personal revolution (and no, you do not look like Bon Jovi when you wear this!  And if someone says that you do, shield yourself with laughter!).  This is your means of waking up!  This is a step forward to your living a wild and vulnerable life.  Wear this scarf with joy and confidence because, damnit, you love it.  And if you feel like wearing another one tomorrow?  DO IT.  And how about that desire you've been holding onto for forever and ever to find wild and beautiful skirts that go all sorts of directions when you spin?  FIND THEM.  And haven't you been wanting to paint your nails a dashing shade of burgundy?  GET BUSY PAINTING.

Choose succulence, me.  Be more alive.  More contributing.  More flexible.  More fresh.